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Finally laced up my #truthxvans. Fact #240: Big Tobacco’s products kill 113 people from secondhand smoke every day. #truthorange #FinishIt #vans #gopro #vansauthentic @truthorange @vans #offthewall #truth (at Griz Home)

I bought a boat. #VirginiaBeach #ECSC #Boat #magic #ocean @dangerbarna

Last day together. 

Jammed a bunch of stuff into today.

Shipped packages, bought souvenirs, made a video, packed, ate, arcade-ed, and appreciated my amazing friends.  

Had a lot of fun with my good friends. I am going to miss a bunch of these people quite a bit. 

Last day of work. Rocked the mic a lot these last few days. I love this job more than I can ever explain in words, and it is sad that it is over. But also I know that it has given me a lot of skills and self-confidence so that I know I can do whatever I want.

Another great day on the beach,. Had some amazing crowds. Saw the Plain White Ts. And got our Orange Crush on. 


Virginia Beach has a bunch of amazing street performers. It seems like today I only took pictures of The Flaming Ginger
He did put on a good show, but I wish I had some pictures of some of the other acts we saw. 

There is nothing better than getting to work on the beach.
Working hard, and having too much fun to take a lot of pics


Today Eddie surprised us all with an amazing day at a trampoline place and a go kart track.

Then later that night a magician stole my watch.  

Did some exploring with Emily

Went to the mall, and a castle looking Salvation Army.

Then got caught in some insane rain. 

Got to hang with Emily all day. Got Eddie his goodbye gift and gave it to him.

And got to see Alien Ant Farm for the first time ever!


Emil came to visit me in Virginia Beach!

We went out and partied it up. 


DC Six Flags

It is weird going back to Six Flags after so long on Mayhem.
Didn’t ride any rides, the shows were too interesting. 
There was a Gladiator show and and Improv Comedy show we caught both days. 

Flew from TX to DC and got to see the Legacy office. 
So many cool old pieces of truth gear and props. 
Also got to hang out with Ras. 


Finally got to see Body Count. It was dope. 
Then there was a costume party.. so after searching Walmart for costume ideas i ended on some type of wild jungle man thing. 
It was def a fun party. 

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