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Nampa, Idaho 
Mayhem Day 4
some random shots from the zone
it was a good day, hot and full of bugs, but still a blast. 
Purposely played no ‘Hot Potato’

am sad I could not get an Idaho tattoo of a cowboy potato because all the local shops closed at 8. 

I said this before, but I’ll say it again…

I am horrible at keeping up with my tour goals. 
Lacking on blog updates, lacking on kendama footage, lacking on calling the people I care about everyday….

But I am having an amazing time!

The camera has been fixed for a few weeks now, so lets see if I can make up for some missed posts and also finish out this tour with a bunch more!

Off day in Grants Pass, OR
Did Laundry, went swimming in a river and a pool, and other random adventures to get Josh shoes and such. 
Skateboarded almost 2 miles. 
Ate all I could eat veggie sushi and Chinese buffet.. the sushi floated by in boats and we had to grab it off… all in all, a great off day. 

Day 1 of Mayhem

these are the only photos I took…

Gear and set up for Mayhem! 
Then a BBQ after! Getting ready for a summer of metal!

Yesterday was the drive to the new hotel, and returning the rental cars. Today got me stoked on this tour

Dreams came true today.  Chilled in the lobby of #tacobell corporate. Still giddy.  (at Taco Bell Corporate Headquarters Office) View high resolution

Dreams came true today. Chilled in the lobby of #tacobell corporate. Still giddy. (at Taco Bell Corporate Headquarters Office)

Only got to see the lobby, but it was amazing!
Also hung out at Huntington Beach and went out in HB to dance the night away!

Skatepark Guerrilla day. Met a bunch of amazing and talented kids around the Riverside area. Had problems finding the first park, but once we did, we had an amazing day. I have a bunch of video footage to edit from that day too. 

Today we got to work at one of my favorite places in the world, Huntington Beach! Gave out a bunch of gear to people on the beach and had a blast doing it.
Then we went to see the new Transformers, and our group were the only people in the theater. 

I drove a lot today. From San Francisco(ish) to San Bernardino(ish)
Over 6 hours. So I did not have much photo opportunity. But I did enjoy the long car ride with Josh and Mop.

Another day at SixFlags
and also some super epic Lazer Tag between Josh and I
not much more to say…

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
This was the Six Flags that I came back to last year after breaking my ankle. This time here it was a lot easier (no giant boot)
First day was fun, and hot. I took advantage of having my camera… These are the people I work with.
We also played a game of making people sign Josh. We each had a marker color, I’m pretty sure I won. 

Josh got a new phone, and we popped bottles in the hot tub. Overall a good day.

6.24.2014 ffffreal
we hung out at a skate park and worked on a killer side project, that I cannot wait to show you all in the fall. #ODS

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